Some Projects & Clients

• Mechanical/Electrical Design – Pump Station Expansion, Baytown Station, East Houston Terminal Magellan Midstream Partners, LP
• Electrical Design & Inspection – 69 kV SubStation, CenterPoint Energy, Houston Magellan Midstream Partners, LP
• Mechanical/Electrical Design – Refined Products Tanks Additions Magellan Pipeline Co.
•Design & Manufacturing Oversight of Recovery Tool for Offshore Oil Drilling Platforms Baker Hughes Corp.
• Assessment/Preliminary Audit of Emission Control Process & System Design for Removal of SO2, CO2, SO3 & Fly Ash/Sub Micron Particulate Matter from Combustion Flue Gas Streams Walters Power International, LLC
• Short Circuit Analysis – 115 kV Transmission System, Cesar, Colombia Drummond Companies, Ltd.
• Detailed design, procurement, and construction supervision, Tarija, Bolivia One Allison 501 KB7, 4.5MW gas turbine power plant with associated Substation and DCS. Stewart & Stevenson / ENDE
• Detailed design, procurement, and supervision, Indonesia
• Two Allison 501 KB5 gas turbine-driven gas compressors with associated piping and module design PT. Gema SemBrown – ARCO Balance of Plant detailed engineering, procurement, and construction, San Lorenzo, Honduras
One GE LM6000 40MW gas turbine generator with associated fuel storage and treatment, water storage and treatment, 2000 tons chilling, 230KV substation with 230KV transmission line, and DCS.
Stewart & Stevenson / Lufussa
• Balance of Plant detailed engineering, procurement, and construction, Tucuman, Argentina Four GE LM6000 gas turbine generators (168MW) with associated fuel gas pipeline, water storage and treatment, 6000 tons chilling, 132KV Substation with 132KV transmission line, and DCS.
Stewart & Stevenson / Merrill International / Charter Oaks
• Detailed design, procurement, and supervision, Cayman Islands
Two Krupp Mak 8.9MW diesel engine generators (17.8MW) with associated fuel storage, fuel treatment, substation, DCS, and building to house the plant. Noell / Cidesa
•Detailed design, procurement, and construction, Guam Island
Two GE LM2500, 22MW simple cycle gas turbine generators in two locations with associated 34KV substations, water treatment, fuel treatment and control systems. Stewart & Stevenson / Guam Power Authority Detailed design, installation, supervision, and commissioning for turbine generators and substations (13.8 to 138KV) (with Fern), Puerto Rico Twenty-one GE Frame 5, 20MW peaking power and baseload generators installed in five locations. Hitachi / PRWRA Complete installation engineering for plants, substations, transmission lines with associated relay coordination, supervisory, and carrier equipment (with Fern), Venezuela Three GE Frame 7, 55 MW and two GE Frame 5, 20MW generators, baseload, in three locations. Hitachi / GE / Cadafe Installation engineering and supervision for plant, Canada One Brown-Boveri 42MW generator, baseload. Brown-Boveri / Colt / Canadian U.L. Performed feasibility studies, prepared purchase specifications and bid evaluation, along with conceptual installation engineering (with Fern), Oklahoma. Public Service Company of Oklahoma Performed feasibility studies, complete installation engineering, procurement, project management, and commissioning, Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi Petroleum Preparation of feasibility studies and electrical design for large Mobil Beryl “C” offshore platform, North Sea. Worley / Mobil Oil Company Complete turnkey design, procurement, and project management, North Sea, “Gorm Field” Denmark Three 900 ton modules including power generation, gas compression, and gas reinjection. The power generator module consisted of four solar 2.6 MW turbine driven generator sets with waste heat boilers. The gas compression module consisted of five solar 3600 HP turbine driven compressors with waste heat boilers. The gas reinjection module consisted of two Neuvo Pignone 6000 HP turbine driven compressors. Dansk Boreselskab