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Save Time

Cutting time off your clinical trial means faster submissions and reduced time to market.

Perform provides direct access to status information by program, trial, site or subject.  This transparency of data allows decision makers to have a true understanding of your trial’s progress.  Perform gives your team real-time data removing the distance between you and your sites.
Geographically dispersed clinical project teams comprised of Sponsors and Sites contribute, collaborate and access all trial operations information using one common platform.

Save Money
Perform provides users significant operational efficiencies by improving the effectiveness of their work and eliminating the maintenance of  redundant files and records.

Perform users no longer have to manage multiple software programs to effectively manage their clinical trial.  Plan, communicate and wrap-up your trial within one single program – your communications including documentation, emails are all accessible within the program.  At your trial’s conclusion, all of these piece are in one location.

Be Flexible
Perform’s  implementation allows us the ability to grow or contract with your organization’s needs.

Our web based platform provides for fast, low cost, highly configurable implementation regardless of whether you are running one trial or many.

Multiple locations, varying languages or nomenclatures, different numbers of subjects or trial sites…Perform is able to be configured to fit your requirements.

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