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Our range of professional services produces recruitment, enrollment, financial and other performance indicators that save time and money, and help you capture revenue you’ve earned. The faster you get studies and patient visits into the system, the sooner you’ll see results. That’s why we offer a full range of professional services and support, helping you get quick wins and continuously improve on results. Our team is equipped with deep clinical research experience and proven methods.

We offer personalized training that helps our customers make the best use of our platform to target their business objectives. Online and onsite options are available.

Our consulting services help you define business requirements, key performance indicators, ideal workflow, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and best practices. Our consultants blend deep clinical research process knowledge with the experience of hundreds of StudyManager deployments. Online and onsite options are available.

With exposure to thousands of protocols and clinical trial agreements via training, consulting, and data entry engagements over many years, the Arable Professional Services team is uniquely qualified to configure your studies and track patient visits.

We help by getting more accurate financial and enrollment results faster, get studies entered and visits tracked quickly and correctly, more accurately track more complex contractual items, focus on what you do best, stay covered from staff turnover problems. Our motto is to get maximum productivity out of every dollar spent on Arable’s data entry services.

At Arable, we offer a wide range of specialists belonging to various faculties for trials in a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas. Our panel of investigators includes specialists with their own practice for rapid recruitment of patients at affordable cost which is passed on to our clients to make the project economically viable at very good competitive cost.

Our offerings here include:

arable Clinical -Op Services

arable Pharmacokinetic studies involving fast through-put Bioavailability / Bioequivalence /     Food Effect

arable Recruitment of volunteers from a data base collected over many years

arable Recruitment of patient volunteers in collaboration with multi-specialty hospitals

One of the largest Data Bank of Investigators across all major therapeutic areas

1. Bio Analysis with Method Development and Validation
2. Independent QA Unit ensuring high standard of data accrual, presentation, and     storage
3. In-house biochemical screening of volunteers thus reducing the total cost of the study.
4. Independent Ethics Committee.


arable We cover the following services:

arable Protocol Writing

arable CRF Designing Design Review and Production

arable Investigators Selection

arable Arrangements for Investigators Meet

arable Volunteers Recruitment

arable Study Monitoring

arable Site management

arable Data Management

arable Ethical Committee / IRB Clearance

arable Regulatory Clearance


Arable Corp provides brilliant customer support, offering personalized services tailored to each site and a comprehensive toolkit aimed at total site success. Our unique approach to customer support offers both unlimited software support and expert business support 24/7.

Our technical team comprises of doctorates, Pharmacologists, formulation experts, analysts, engineers, biostatistician, dietician and biochemists. We have experienced administrative officials who complement and support our technical team.

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