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Perform’s collaborative tool-set provides CTMS functionality with features unique to our software.  Stakeholders do all their work inside the Perform platform reducing redundant data entry and providing transparency to the trial status.

Clinical Operations Process Automation

Work that is done within Perform does not need to be done anywhere else.  Planning, Performing and Processing are all done within the Perform software.  Providing an encapsulated location for all of your trials work product.

Central Contact Management

Contact information for all stakeholders are available within the Perform system.  Information is held outside your company’s private network allowing team members to share trial information without access to other private materials.

Trial and Site Document Control and Distribution
Perform’s CTMS suite provides document sharing and version control for documents, spreadsheets and trial materials that can be accessed by all team members.  Additionally, administrators may various access levels if desired.

Encapsulated communication for Issues/Query Management
As with social networking sites, all communications within Perform is done within the system.  All new issues and updates are followed with emails to all participants within the issue.  Deep links within the emails bring members directly to their specific issue.

At your trial’s conclusion, all source data, documentation and communications are centrally available.

All documentation, results, reports and issues are located within a central location.  Trial managers no longer have to search or needed materials residing in emails, various computers and hard drives.  All trial related material managed by Perform are accessible in one location.


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