Sponsors and investigative site personnel can work together on documents, patient enrollment and urgent issues. A trial manager can view all sites, all documents, all patients. Enrollment plans can be versioned and contacts tracked. Perform brings tangible operational efficiencies to all the stakeholders in the clinical trial process – saving both time and money.

Peform functions in a similar manner to Facebook or LinkedIn.  All communications and work are done within the Perform program.  Your team members are notified via email with links back into the issue that needs their attention.

Perform combines the primary functions of a CTMS with collaboration tools enabling all trial participants to work together effectively.  Our software removes the redundant work for Monitors, CRAs and Study Coordinators while delivering real-time information to all levels of the management team.


  • Easy, foolproof document sharing between you, your sites and your partners. Control both version and distribution of documents without complex document management systems being needed or requiring access to your corporate network.
  • Complete issue management that provides e-mail alerts with deep links to the exact issue needing resolution – users can respond and attach documentation
  • Extraordinary trial specific milestone configurability: automatic updates by recording of subjects, monitoring visits, completion of document collections and checklists.
  • Well-designed summary pages for print or Excel export: study the trial progress and then click through to see the exact status of each site’s document collection, enrollment and other milestones
  • Optional image processing – digital photography acquisition and management; and dual-blind with independent adjudication radiology assessment
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CTMS functions:

  • Program, trial, site and patient management

  • Program, trial, and site contact management

  • Subject Enrollment Planning and Tracking

  • Trial, Site and Subject status, planning
    and recording

  • Subject and monitoring visit planning

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