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Arable delivers solutions that help Life Science companies around the world perform clinical trial tasks in a way that’s simpler, faster and better. Clinical affairs budgets on average account for 37% of R & D spend (sometimes as high as 74%). So we’re constantly looking for ways we can help lower these expenses and allocate money towards other areas to contribute to an organizations success in providing life changing drugs and medical devices. That’s incredibly exciting, and it drives us everyday.

Our work at Arable is completely focused on delivering to our clients easy-to-use, dynamically configurable software that enables clinical operations professionals to operate their trials in an effective and efficient manner. We strive to design with the performing users as our primary focus and using their work as immediate information and status for the management users. Another strong focus of our design is to eliminate redundant work for the performing users. We do this by allowing their planing work to create the production vehicles with which to actually do their work, and follow their work with transparently updated Trial, site and subject status information.

We are confident that the unique design focus’ described here results in more productive and satisfied workers which then results in more timely and accurate completion of the clinical trials where you actively use our Arable Perform solutions.

The Arable principals and staff have significant and focused experience developing, implementing and integrating a broad range of software systems for clinical research and related business processes within the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Medical Device industries.

Selected areas of experience include:
• Clinical Systems Integration
• Implementation Project Management
• Clinical Trial Operations Management
• Custom Clinical Software Development
• Data Migration Solutions
• Implementation of commercial Clinical Software Solutions:
      • Data Management
      • Safety Management
      • Supplies Management
      • Trial Management
• Validation (OQ and PQ) of Clinical Systems
• 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Review

What are the backgrounds of your staff?
Arable staff bring over 40 years of combined experience within the clinical trial industry.  Our staff has served at all levels of the clinical industry working for sponsors, sites and CRO’s.   Our backgrounds allow us to combine our experience managing clinical trials with our knowledge managing the software applications available designed for the industry.  Our staff has held varied clinical positions from managing subjects and investigations at site level to supervising programs within CROs and sponsoring organizations.  We also bring broad experience of building, implementing and managing many of the available CTMS that are available.

Why did you develop the software?
Arable Corporation develops software exclusively for the clinical trial industry.  Our company’s founder spent over 20 years implementing many of the leading names in the industry. He encountered all the difficulties in implementing these programs.

Cost of implementation and time to use is an large hurdle to overcome when you bring most programs online.  Arable Perform was designed to be implemented quickly and to be easily understood by endpoint clinical users.  Arable Perform is designed to allow easy access to the information for all level of users from sponsor management to site personnel.

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